Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology, University of Potsdam, Germany, 10-14 September 2018

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The Second Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology, 10-14 September 2018

We are happy to announce The Second Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology, to be held in Potsdam, Germany from September 10-14 2018. This second edition of the summer school will have a strong Bayesian focus. However, since some people may prefer to work in the frequentist paradigm, there will be two parallel tracks: frequentist and Bayesian statistics. These will be aimed at linguists and psychologists, but are relevant for cognitive scientists in general. We will cover the necessary theoretical background for both statistical frameworks, and participants will get hands-on practice in learning to analyze real data sets.


The summer school is intended for participants who have data analysis experience (especially, experience with linear mixed models is assumed), but want to work with state-of-the-art Bayesian and frequentist methods.

We will mainly focus on modeling repeated measures data. We will discuss hierarchical modeling in detail, using the generalized linear mixed modeling framework as a starting point. We will use R and Stan. Participants will be assumed to have a working knowledge of R; Stan will be taught from scratch. Everyone is expected to bring their own laptop computer.

The summer school will consist of lectures followed by hands-on exercises. There will be several invited speakers this year. Details coming in early April 2018.

Invited speakers

coming soon

Computing equipment and preparation for summer school

We assume that everyone has a good working knowledge of R. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops. Wifi access will be available.

Please make sure you have the current versions of R and RStudio installed on your computer by the time you start the summer school, and that you have the R packages rstan and rstanarm installed. To install rstan, follow the instructions here.

Dates, location, schedule, and slides+code+data

10-14 September 2017 9AM-5PM

Location and registration

Griebnitzsee campus of the University of Potsdam. Further details coming soon.


coming soon

Slides, code, data

coming soon.

Traveling to the University of Potsdam

Please use for planning your travel (by train or bus).

Summer school instructors and assistants

Instructors: Audrey Bürki-Foschini, Bruno Nicenboim, Daniel Schad, Reinhold Kliegl, Shravan Vasishth

Background Reading

Lecture notes

These lecture notes serve as reference materials for the summer school. You are not expected to read them during the summer school, but they may help for review later on.



There will be a nominal fee to cover food and other expenses. Participants will pay for their own accommodation, we will reserve places in dormitories and hotels.

Contact details

For any questions regarding this summer school, please contact Shravan Vasishth.


This summer school is funded by the DFG and is part of the SFB 1287 “Variability in Language and Its Limits”.