Prof. Dr. Shravan Vasishth

Dept. of Linguistics
University of Potsdam
14476 Potsdam, Germany
Phone: +49-(0)331-977-2950 | Fax: - 2087 | Email: vasishth squiggle uni minus potsdam dot de
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  1. AMLaP 2020, 3-5 September, 2020.
  2. The Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology.
  3. The First South Asian Forum on the Acquisition and Processing of Language (SAFAL), 31 August, 1 and 2 September 2020.

Lab members

Current PhD students: Paula Lissón, Serine Avetisyan, Anna Laurinavichyute, Daniela Mertzen, Dorothea Pregla, Kate Stone (advising led by: Dr. Titus von der Malsburg), Himanshu Yadav, Yana Arkhipova (as second advisor; first advisor: Milena Rabovsky).
Postdocs: Dr. Titus von der Malsburg; (from April 1, 2020:) Pia Schoknecht; Dr. Garrett Smith; (from Feb 1, 2020:) Dr. João Veríssimo
Independent researchers: Prof. Dr. Sol Lago (visiting professor); Dr. Dario Paape; Dr. Audrey Bürki.


People for whom I was primary advisor during their PhD or postdoc stay (note: I use the German title convention even though many have professorships outside Germany and probably will not use the German-style titles):
Prof. Dr. Daniel Schad Prof. Dr. Sol Lago, Dr. Dario Paape, Prof. Dr. Bruno Nicenboim, Dr. Felix Engelmann, Prof. Dr. Samar Husain, Prof. Dr. Lena Jäger (Professor at Uni Zürich from 1st July 2020), Dr. Paul Metzner, Prof. Dr. Pavel Logačev, Dr. Titus von der Malsburg, Dr. Umesh Patil.
My first student (Diploma program) was Dr Katja Suckow.

Biography and CV

I was born and grew up in New Delhi, and did my schooling at St. Columba's School. Soon after finishing high school, I went into kidney failure; I received a kidney transplant from my father in 1985. The transplant failed in 2011, and I have been on hemodialysis since then.

Academic background:
  • BA (Honours) Japanese (1989 JNU, India)
  • MA Linguistics (1994 JNU, India)
  • MS Computer and Information Science (2002 Ohio State, USA)
  • PhD Linguistics (2002 Ohio State, USA)
  • MSc Statistics (2015 Sheffield, UK), Professional Member, Royal Statistical Society, since 2016 (GradStat ID: 128307).

Publications / research interests

My group develops computational models of human sentence comprehension, focusing on both impaired and unimpaired populations. We are also interested in statistical theory and practice.
Talk at World meeting of ISBA, Edinburgh, 6 Sept 2018: here.
Talk at Michigan (Linguistics), 6 Feb 2020: here.

Currently funded projects

Teaching: Regular courses

Winter semester 2018/19
  • Introduction to statistical data analysis. MSc Linguistics, IECL, EMCL, IDEALAB programs. This course covers the foundational ideas in frequentist statistics.
  • Bayesian Linear Modeling. MSc Cognitive Systems, MSc Linguistics, MSc Cognitive Science. This course is appropriate only for people familiar with linear mixed models (see my summer semester Advanced data analysis course).
Summer semester 2020
    Please sign up on moodle as well as PULS. My classes will start online on 20 April 2020.
  • Statistical data analysis 2. MSc Linguistics, IECL. This is a follow-up course on the Introduction to data analysis taught in winter. Enrollment key: contact me. Enrollment key: contact me. Video lectures are available here.
  • Sentence processing theories. MSc Linguistics. Enrollment key: contact me.
  • Bayesian inference 2. MSc Linguistics and other MSc programs. This is a follow-up course; it follows Bayesian inference 1, taught in winter. Enrollment key: everyone who took Bayesian inference 1 should have received it.

Recent statistical methodology papers