Book in progress: An Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis for Cognitive Science

Authors: Bruno Nicenboim, Daniel Schad, and Shravan Vasishth

Read the book online:

Post comments on the book by opening an issue:

Please do not generate pull requests on the html files! The files are generated from Rmd source files that are not currently visible to the public.

Fonts needed to compile the book yourself

Currently you do not have access to the source files. Once we make the source files available (this should happen after the book is published), you will need to install the source-code-pro font. On macs, the install procedure on the command line is:

curl -LO
cp -a source-code-pro-release/TTF/* ~/Library/Fonts/

You will also have to install the Alegreya font:

If you want to compile the book and are a Mac user, you need to install XQuartz